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WWJK is explained below. You will have the opportunity to make your comments at the end.

Let me say first that I am not a pacifist and I do not disrespect those who have fought for this country. It is time to seek to be more like Christ, not just talk about it. Who Would Jesus Kill [WWJK] is based from the cliché slogan going back a few years that was crazily popular: WWJD [What Would Jesus Do]. I’ve always hated that latter slogan because of its shallowness and Deistic implications: unintentionally promoting a distant God who is not active
nor in direct contact with His followers.

Who Would Jesus Kill [WWJK] may be offensive to many religious people, but it stands as a question that is both legitimate and imminently significant to all who would claim to follow Christ. I came about this idea six months prior to Pat Robertson’s reprehensible comment in August '05 when he said that “our” special forces should “take out” Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela. I have not acted on my thoughts for some time in order to reconsider the matter so as not to be reactionary. The purpose of this campaign is to expose and reassert that which has gone unnoticed for a long time.


Around the world America is still pretty close to having an inseparable association with Christianity. Christianity is thought to represent Christ. So when America goes to war complete with “Christians” in its forces, the incessant enunciations of “God Bless America,” the constant invocations of heaven through solemn prayer, and the “Christian” remembrance of those fallen; what is the non-christian foreigner to think? This question is especially germane when that non-christian may be a Muslim, a terrorist, or an innocent bystander that gets in the way of a war, thus becoming an eternal victim. Are we less patient than God, wanting to prevent some from possibly coming to repentance in their natural lives, ( 2 Peter 3:9)?

First of all, to America’s enemies, Jesus, who is the alleged focus of Christianity, becomes the advocate of the invaders as He was in the Crusades. He becomes inseparable from the soldiers (good and bad) who carry out this war. Jesus becomes something other than what He really is to non-believers in these countries where America carries out its imperial interests. He becomes America’s god; this would be over and against Iraq’s god or Mongolia’s god. Thus God has been subjugated to a national belonging rather than the God over all.

The people that will be most upset about this illustration are “Christians.” Atheists, agnostics, secularists, pagans, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and hedonists won’t care a shred about this cartoon or its implications. So why will “Christians” get upset? Is it because I might be touching God and somehow impugning Him? Or is it rather that such a picture impugns the “Christian” because they have made God into something that He isn’t and they’ve been caught at it? Or do they get upset because they feel unjustly maligned having so aligned themselves with a god that is actually the way they are so they are compelled to defend him because he is nothing but a figment of their imagination [in reality just defending themselves]?

Everybody in this country knows of the Bible, which “Christians” claim is authoritative in revealing God and His Son to us. So if Jesus is the patron or authenticator of religious nationalism then a novice should be able to see it, read it, and understand it clearly from the text “Christians” claim as foundational to their activities. However, if we look at Christ in the Bible we find quite the opposite of a nationalistic war-god (John 18:36). We do not see Him rallying Israel against the invaders and rousting the nation to war against Rome, (Matt. 26:50-55). We don’t see Him joining forces with the Zealots or becoming their new leader. No, Jesus was doing something different. Since the Bible was compiled, nothing has been authoritatively revealed that would make what Christ did on earth old or non-applicable to people today who allegedly claim Him.

The “Christian” from America looks more like a medieval Crusader, or a Constantinian conqueror [who “spreads” his empire's new religion by use of a sword], than that he would ever be construed to be following Christ. American religious people who support the war, idealistically or materially, are “christ” to non-believing foreigners because they have so aligned themselves with Him in the sight of non-believers around the world. So since Christ is nothing like how He has come to be seen through the American misrepresentation, we must seriously ask: Who Would Jesus Kill, meaning if you claim to follow Christ: Who Would You Kill? The major difference between Constantinian-era conquerors and American “christian” soldiers is that today’s religious makes no pretense of spreading the knowledge of God; no, they are now into spreading “democracy.” Is this “democracy” the “christians'” new religious adulteration?


I am reasserting the Kingdom of God as wholly separate of America or its interests. Jesus said His kingdom is not of this world. This was not said because America wasn’t on the scene yet. He said it because He was doing things that were a complete alternative to the world of which has been made up of empires such as America, Rome, Greece, or Ancient Persia, just to name a few.

We need to see what is truer of us as followers of Christ: that is that we are part of an international and eternal kingdom that is not bound to country, race, or any other divisive grouping men have used to put themselves over one another or to set themselves apart. There is no minority in God’s Kingdom, no disenfranchisement, no manipulation, and oh-by-the-way, no killing. There are only two types of people in America: those that are followers of Christ, or those who accept America’s “gospel" -- 'Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness' [at the expense of everybody else].

Better for a terrorist or a non-believer to meet their own demise as a result of the consequences of their actions than through the warring [passive or active] of any follower of Christ, (2 Cor. 10:3-4, Eph. 6:12-20). “Christians” who have mistakenly thrown their lot in with America’s Foreign Policy ARE IN NO WAY REPRESENTING God’s Kingdom because it is not of this world, and America is nothing else than assuring its place in this world [the here and now]. Therefore, the Kingdom of God and America are diametrically opposed.

We cannot go on saying or thinking “For God and Country” as has been acceptable in the past. It must either be "for God" or "for Country", but not both. As followers of Christ we have a citizenship responsibility to God’s Kingdom. Let’s get at coming clean of the state’s corrupting influences, and stop supporting its battles for temporal domination.

You can be a part of this campaign to stir thought; we’ll have:

All proceeds will be used to further the campaign of WWJK and Kingdom Citizenship through billboards and other adjoining works that will challenge and expose religious nationalism and other accepted heresies within what is calling itself “Church.”

Other products may be offered if there are sufficient requests:
Wrist Bands (adjustable silicone/braided)
Bumper Stickers

This Billboard is at 72nd St. and I-80 in Omaha. 141,000 cars pass this sign everyday including traffic going from Chicago to San Francisco.

Thanks for your support and blessings in being a light,

Timothy L. Price

PS: Please Blog about this, take it to Chatrooms and Forums, e-mail it to everybody you know.

Want some shocks? Visit Google, type in "Powered by Christ Ministries," and then land on "Roots of (Warlike) Christian Zionism." But watch out; it might turn you inside out! L. N.
"Atheists, agnostics, secularists, pagans, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and hedonists won't care a shred about this cartoon or its implications."

Not true, sir! I'm an atheist and care a great deal about this cartoon and its implications. So, too, I would argue, do all compassionate people, irrespective of their religion.

Most of the Christians I know personally (including two of my best friends) embody everything good about Christianity. Like me, they are appalled by the failure of warmongering Christians to understand the most critical of Jesus' teachings.

What I love about this cartoon is that it succinctly calls out those who claim to be followers of Jesus, yet utterly fail to live up to his example.

I think it's excellent!
The same people who are suggesting killing these people also consider abortion the same as murder. But if nothing warlike can be done to the clinic down the street and those actually killing the unborn innocent - 4500 per day, a million per year, how can they possibly justify any action 10,000 miles away to someone who can't do with their orders what many supreme court justices and various providers have done?

If they wish to kill and bomb, there is a holocaust in our midst where they can start.
Who would Jesus kill? If he were in Iraq today instead of Palestine 2000 years ago, he would kill the foreign invaders and free his people from the yoke of brutal occupation. He would kill Americans.
Osama seems out of place on the graphic. America was attacked by the group organized by Osama bin Laden. The other three, however, did nothing to America and thus are solely targets of American interventionist foreign policy.
Excellent! WWJK is an embarassment to those so called Christians who think that Christianity calls on our Consumerist Empire to kill "ferriners" and "terr-ists" who are different from us and especially if they have lots of oil which we need to keep the Consumer Orgy going. I DON'T THINK that was part of the teachings of Jesus. If I recall correctly, He talked about fasting, denying onesself, and didn't even urge attacking the foreign occupiers of his own country.
I think the New World Order wants to gradually massage biblical scriptures to form a new religion; "Dominionism" which is sort of the idea that since we are so right and so superior to everyone else, it's OK for us to kill and colonize them. Ancient Rome had this religion and Hitler practiced it too with his slogan about "Gott is on our side". Whoops - what happened to those guys? I mean, after all, if Gott was really on their side...?
It's amazing to me that the Robertson's of religion are so easily fooled into opposing the religion of Jesus Christ and promoting the heretical religion of Dominionism. But then what can you expect from people who are so gullible they look upon Bush, a member of 2 (count 'em) satanic cults and they think he is a Christian Hero!
I'll put in a plug here that at the highest levels, the Catholic Church has come out against the war in Iraq, though I fault the pope for being too quiet about his position.
The Christian church "of" America makes a grave mistake when it identifies so closely with the political empire of the Republican Party that the two become inseparable, so that Christianity is redefined to be "What Would America Do?". KingdomCitizenship and do a good thing by calling this to attention.

However, at the same time, the aforementioned and fall into similar error the other way. I was reading about the upcoming conference at Kingdom Citizenship and while what you are doing sounds good, I do not plan to register as I do not see a point in learning "The Politics of Jesus". You correctly identify the Christian Right for claiming Jesus into their camp, but it seems you are doing similar by putting Jesus in yours -- and then giving indication that you have insights into His politics.

The Kingdom of God is the Church, made up of believers from every nation. The dispensationalists get this wrong by thinking that the Kingdom can only be some future entity, but in the description for your conference you make the meaning of the Kingdom seem equally vague. "We will divulge the basis for how we can actually be the Kingdom of God." Unless this is the simple truth of the Gospel message, please do not distract from the true meaning of the Kingdom. The evangelical, politically-charged, Republican megachurch does no good for the Kingdom of God, but neither does the Christian left in its claiming to know "God's Politics" or "The Politics of Jesus", or the apparent push to get out of churches and go to house churches. You seem to be making the statement that part of Kingdom living involves getting involved with house church movements and that this is now where God is working... but I ask you, how do you know this?

Finally, I have enjoyed reading through your materials, but I do find them difficult to read at times. Your website is well-designed and easy to navigate, but the writing and grammar is a chore at times. Perhaps you could give some thought to cleaning that up as it will lend much to your credibility.

I don't mean to put down what you are doing, but I hope that you will see that it is possible to go too far the other way in response to the errors of the American Church/Republican marriage, and I see that Kingdom Citizenship is treading very close to going too far the other direction.

Our calling is not to separate from culture and live in our Villages but rather to engage that culture with a difference: the love of Christ and the true message of His Kingdom. The Holy Spirit is at work in ways that we may not be able to comprehend, so we do no one a service by claiming God to be on our side and attempting to portray His views on issues such as these.

A member of the church *in* America, not the church *of* America.
Concerned citizen appears to be jumping to conclusions about the contents of "The Politics of Jesus" without having read about the progeram or learned about its contents.
I,too, have not read or learned anything from it and from what I have learned from the rest of the website leads me to exactly the opposite conclusion. My guess is that "The Politics of Jesus" would be lessons about how He has no politics, or that His "politics" are love and concern for others without working through government. Right?
Concerned citizen of the Kingdom should make contact directly. I think you misunderstand what I am saying on the website and with WWJK. I want to clear the air about the difference between being a christian with a nationalistic ideal overshadowing an acclaimed belief and a follower of Christ who lives His politics. The kind that allows people to be what they want even when it is a disadvantage to us, where we surrender our state rights to be ambassadors instead of being lobbyist for our own selfishness. By what you write we are a lot closer than you seem to think. Please contact me directly on the website so that we can visit further.

Tim Price
It is so true that Christ's kingdom is not of this world, but our lives are. It is impossible to read the bible and dismiss the calls to war made directly by God. When God tells you to kill the giant you just do it. There is no sin in obeying God.
Jesus is dead. He's been dead for two thousand years. He didn't kill anybody when he was alive, so the answer is clearly, he would kill no one today. His reputation was made on his skills as a healer, not a murderer. Secondly, he was Jew. If he was alive he would go to the nearest Synogogue to undertake his profession of Rabbi. He would avoid Christianity, since to him it would clearly be a Roman pagan religion. Don't forget, it was the Romans who executed him in the first place.
The NT does not teach that Jesus came to bring world peace nor did he teach us to hate our government for doing it's job. On a personal level Christians are to be peaceful if it is possible. Would you defend your family in a life and death situation or would peace demand that they are all murdered? On a national level it is the governments responsibility to maintain the order in the culture. God created five institutions to sustain a nation. They are: personal volition, marriage, family, government, nationalism. If a culture [including Christians] fails to support and serve in these five institutions by generation five that nation is removed from history. This is the four generational cycle of God's judgment on a nation. Christians who choose to serve in government, including the military are not condemned for doing so. Don't kid yourselves in to thinking that peace is not used as a weapon against those that defend all of us.
you had me for a second cause i thought you'd end up supporting America fighting the evil with evil! Its the authoritarianism dogma that's influencing the religious right. If they only knew whats been done to them and all in the name of popular vote. Moral authority has no place in politic as Christians have no home here on this earth. As Jesus said remember they hated me first!

nice post!
WHOM--it's "WHOM would Jesus Kill?"

Sorry to be a grammar-dick, but if you use "who" then some people will ignore your *actual message* and say that you're just an ignoramus.
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